A member of the makesense community is someone curious who tries to know more about society & environmental stakes, and who wishes to share his/her thoughts and his/her experience.

Most of the time, a volunteer meets the big makesense family for the first time by attending one of our numerous events, and feels that he/she met people who think like him/her.

Then, step by step and event after event, two different ways of engagement appear (simultaneously or not) : 

  • To volunteer in an association he/she knew through makesense 
  • To volunteer in the makesense community to help diffuse and sensibilize everyone about today' stakes

To explain how anyone can change, and how anyone has the power to help solve problems, the makesense volunteers have a secret weapon : the organization of makesense events

The makesense volunteers can organize 3 different types of events :

  • Sensibilization of citizens on the stakes of sustainable development through happy hours 
  • Discovery of local solutions through walks organized to meet active social entrepreneurs
  • Collective intelligence helping social entrepreneurs to help them solve their challenges/problems with the help of citizens and design-thinking processes during a workshop called "hold-up"

Those three events types are designed by makesense and locally animated in more than 160 cities by members of the community.

Our goal is to create local communities who stay active and who are trying together to fulfill their objectives of changing their street, their neighborhood or even their city.

We are encouraging to create regular events (happy hour/walk/workshop) and that each volunteer can step by step discover a new type of event and organize more and more ! 

Are you interested ? Let's go !

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