Glad to know you want to understand the famous makesense happy hour ! 

A happy hour consists in sharing time with friends, colleagues, neighbors or just other human beings to think about the nowadays social issues.

To open the talks on the paradoxes of everyone and to discover that most of the time, we say "I find it absurd that the political leaders do nothing to fight the climate change... but in the same time I don't separate the waste"

makesense is an association that fights the passivity, the one that is stopping us to act in the today's urge.

With the community, we have built a very simple type of event which allows us to develop our opinion, to understand a context and to discover together existing solutions 😎

That is the makesense happy hour !

What is the recipe for a happy hour like that ?

👫 As the other happy hours, it gathers few people (5 to 15 max), who do not know each other necessarily.


🌎 The theme of the talk is first of all a society issue that you are interested in (fairwear ? waste ? social link ? minimalism ? etc.) You can choose the topic depending on your interests ! The participants come because they are also interested in your topic !


💡 Your participants love to talk about their favorite topic. As the host, you will have a kit and a cardgame to facilitate the discussion. Nothing hard :) 


🍹We can drink everything you want, because everyone brings his own food/drink ! The makesense happy hour can be at the organizator's place or somewhere else (in a pub for example)

What do we talk about ?

"Social link in Paris : what can I do to help it ?" - Martin -

"Have a minimalist lifestyle (without being ultra-restrictive)" - Solène -

"Cyber-bullying in school : what can we do ?" - Lauren -

"The right to abortion in 2018 in France" - Pauline -

If you have no inspiration, you can talk about those various topics : Social link, Future of waste, Search for meaning, Fairwear, Music, art, culture : which role in the society, How to live your masculinity/feminity, Workplace wellness, Health, Climate change, Mobility, Education, Minimalism, Urban farming...

You can find here the kit that will help you organize your own happy hour : 


What is the process to organize my happy hour ?

Here is a little drawing :

1️⃣First of all, you create your happy hour at the date that suits you : create your event
2️⃣ You join the group of the happy hour organizers (LIEN POUR ANGLOPHONE)
3️⃣ You know have a link to share on your social network / friends on Whatsapp / Colleagues, you need at least 4 participants
4️⃣ Option : You register to be trained to be a top organizer on
5️⃣ You find a place : a pub, your flat, a friend's flat, in a store, where you want while you can hear each other and be together
6️⃣You organize your happy hour and start the talk on the topics that look essential for you !

🎁And after that you discover all the makesense family and the local group of your town (find your Facebook group)

And there you go :)

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