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This article is here to clarify the use of the platform events.makesense.org/en, named makesense_events or platform in the following text.

makesense_events is a free platform for the makesense community and their partners to diffuse an event, register the participants and have access to the participants' contact and info.

By using this platform, you accept our terms of use. It is a legally-binding agreement between you and makesense. If you violate the rules, we can close your account.

Using our platform means meeting real people and do real things in the real world, which can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. We can not control what happens in the real world and we are not responsible for what could happen.

We are not responsible of the content published by the members or the communications sent by the members through ou platform. Usually, we are not checking the content before its publication. If you see any content violating our terms of use, you can report an inapropriate content on events@makesense.org. 

We reserve the right to change all the informations of an event or to delete it if we consider that the content might conflict with the values, the philosophy or the brand of makesense.

The informations gathered through the forms of the platform are stocked in a computerized file at makesense and can be used to find volunteers to help on a project, give you content based on your interests and be used on our makesense websites. These informations are available for the makesense fulltimers.

In accordance with the french law "informatique et libertés", you may exercise the right of access to your data and modify them by contacting us :

Here are some specific rules depending on your use of the platform :


We are glad to know that you are using our platform for you event 😀

However there are some rules to know in order for your event to be considered as good :

  • Your event must not be associated with a commercial activity, be associated to a brand or any other free / paying delivery.
  • The description of your event must be true and must be relevant to the experience the participants will live during your event.
  • You must not, before, during and after an event, promote a brand, an enterprise etc. 
  • You must not ask to be paid or to receive donations, gifts etc. by the participants, except in exceptional cases (contact events@makesense.org before)
  • Ensure you have the right for the text/pictures contents that you use during your event.
  • You must be amiable, inclusive, caring, open, welcoming. An event hosted on the makesense_events platform is linked to the makesense brand. All the previous criteria must be respected in order for the event to be shared !

In case your event is made in partnership with other brands or entities, we ask you to contact events@makesense.org to make your event registered.

You are the only one responsible for your content. We use the term "content" to name all the information, hardware or other content published on our platform or which is given to us. You accept that your content and yourself are not violating the rights of any other third person (such as copyright, associated trademarks, privacy rights or advertising rights, the present terms of use, norms and intellectual property rights).

These rules are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to unpublish your event and to contact you to change it. We can also delete it without you being able to appeal for the decision.


If you are a participant of an event hosted on the makesense platform, that is also good 😉

The events on makesense_events can be organized either by makesense fulltimers, volunteers or partners.

Most of the time the event is submitted bu a volunteer. As a participant of its event, you accept to : 

  • Come with all of your kindness for the organizing team
  • Follow the rules of good conduct.
  • Be polite.
  • Accept the diversity of the society you live in.

Regarding your data, when you register, you can decide if you want your mail adress to be seen by the event's organizer. It is only in that case that he will be able to access your mail adress. Your name & surname will always be visible by the organiser once you gave registered.

We are collecting datas on your registration and other informations on our platform. Please report to our privacy policy and our policy regarding cookies for full particulars on the way we collect, use and share these informations. Those rules do not concern the informations you are giving to others, like the other platform's members.

Enjoy and have fun !

 politique de confidentialité et à notre politique en matière de 

But what if this article change ? 

We can alter the terms of use once in a while. When we will dot it, we will give you the most recent version of this article. If we change important things, we will send you further information, for example by sending you an email or by displaying a visible notification on our platform. If you continue to use the platform after the modifications brought to the process, you accept the revised agreement. 

You have a question ? > events@makesense.org 

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