You can use the following link :  When you will be done with the typeform, your project will appear on our platform as a project looking for help, and the volunteers will have access to your project note. If you are lucky, they will then organize a hold-up to help you !

Just after the typeform' submission, you will receive a confirmation email. You will be invited to tell us your availabilities , in order to tell the community when you will be available to receive help ! 

You can find here all the projects :

But what will happen next ?

Well the page with all the projects is visible for every member of the makesense community who want to organize a hold-up. You will receive help in a (more or less) quick way ! The factors involved are the social/environmental mission, your localisation, etc. 

And if you want to quickly find volunteers...

We strongly advise you to join the makesense group of your city and to post a disclaimer on it, explaining what you are looking for, which kind of help, etc. And hopefully, there will be community members to help you !

For the list of the facebook/hotspots, find it here :

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