Hello there ! 

Thanks for coming here. I am JC and I am the geek behind the platform. My goal is to make your life easier, you the volunteer who organize or participate in makesense events, and who love to change the world 😁

The platform's goal is pretty simple :

  • To computerize everything that can be computerized
  • To support you on the "logistics" of all the events
  • And most of all to be there at the key stages where you will need a little boost to go on !

On makesense_events, you will be able to :

  • Create events
  • Allow participants to register to your event 
  • Communicate with them
  • Stimulate them before / during / after your event 
  • Find projects to help 
  • Find places to host your event 
  • And most of all have the help of all of our team and of the makesense community to guide you through the creation of your event 

Enjoy our websites,
See you soon !

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