makesense_events is a platform developed by the makesense association. It is a free platform that help the makesense volunteers and fulltimers organize events in an easy way.

We are not making any money with this platform. The services listed here are only used in order to improve our platform.

In order to get to our objective, we are using several third-party services to :

  • Follow the user's behavior on our website
  • Automate the email sending depending on the behaviors 
  • Send text messages to the organizer 
  • Give information on new events to participants depending on what they like 
  • Display ads by using the Facebook re-marketing technologies
  • Analyse data
  • Remember the user's browsing preferences
  • Give participants and organizers support

List of the third-party services that we use 

Intercom -

It is our main tool to follow all the actions the users do on the platform. It also allows us to answer the questions (using the small tool on the right hand of your screen), to send emails depending on the behavior of the user and to have this FAQ.

Segment -

We use Segment to carry all of the actions the users do on our platform.

Zapier -

Zapier allows to automate all of the process used to make the platform work and to allow the organizers to simplify the administration of their event.

Mandrill -

Mandrill allows us to send emails called "transactional". Those are the send confirmation, account retrieval, modification notification...

Airtable -

And finally Airtable, which allows us to stock all of the data of each event and participant.

All of this services are "RGPD compatible" and they allow us to easily delete any of your data.

Cookies list

When you register to an event, we stock your mail address as a cookie named :

This list complete our terms of use and the makesense legal notices that you will find here :

If you have any question, please contact 

Thank you !

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