It’s pretty simple… Spread the word !

A few ideas :

  • Write a title that gives a taste of your event and underlines the subject you want to talk about. Instead of writing “Mary’s project - Finding a name”, you could write “What can be done against climate warming ? Mary has an idea and she needs your help”, it attracts more people
  • Work on the cover picture of your event for it to be readable and appealing
  • Share the inscription link of the event you received by email when you created the event on makesense’s Facebook groups : your city’s group, theme groups, etc. You can find the groups on :
  • Invite your friends, your relatives and your colleagues !
  • Ask the first signed up to help organize the event, and ask them to invite other people
  • Besides the inscription link, create a Facebook event : both can be done in parallel, and creating a Facebook event is a good way to animate a community of participants before the event.
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