Everything starts with your administration link that you received by email when you created your event. (If you don’t find it, contact us)

Why should I update my event ? How does it matter ?

Well, we use that information to share your event on our networks, in our automatic email campaigns, in the emails we send to remind your participants of your event, in the cards oh “tonight’s events”. All those makesense’s systems use the information you give about your event on makesense_events.

If you want your event to be a success with motivated participants that show up on time, please take care of the information you provide. 👌

Let’s go !

You have 3 sections to handle your event, and obviously, you should go to “Before the event” 😉

An information modification form appears, allowing you to modify the following items :

  • Title of the event
  • Starting day of the event
  • Starting time of the event
  • Long description (as long as you wish, and do not forget to put the same description for your Facebook event 😉)
  • A maximum number of participants, if you want to avoid having too many (leave the field blank if you don’t want any limit)
  • A presentation picture (cover) : we automatically create a cover when you create an event, but we strongly recommend you change it if you have anything more related to your theme !
  • A postal address, so that we can suggest people in your city/neighborhood/street to come. Be precise on the location, and add complementary info (code, floor, etc.) in the event description if needed.
  • Facebook event link : allows to add a call to action to bring your participants to the Facebook event as well.
  • Associated project : allows to associate your event to a project, for example if you are organizing a creative workshop 😊 To know more, click here.

🚨 Don’t forget to also update your Facebook event for the information to be consistent. There is no automatic synchronisation. 


On the community website you’ll find other templates and toolkits.

Here under is a description template :

Hi everyone 👋

Have you heard ?

3.3 million people in France, or 5 to 10% of the french population, suffer from hyper-sensibility to electromagnetic waves (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones…).

The most attained people are forced to stop working and to isolate, away from the waves.

Aude answers this public health problem by creating 👉 the 1st wave-free co-working space in France, optimized for health and well-being !

Come meet her and help her find a name for her project over a drink on Thursday 18th October !

The workshop will last 2h30, from 7pm to 9.30pm - time for you to talk with the project holder, ask questions, understand what’s at stake and brainstorm all together ! 🚀

🎫 Sign up for the workshop using the link below :


🎤 Announcement of the workshop’s challenge : Which name for Aude’s project : a wave-free co-working space, optimized for health and well-being !
📺 Discover makesense manifesto : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrzoaXl25PA
💻 Connect to makesense community in Paris via makesense Paris hotspot

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